11 de Septiembre 2004

the invisible college

...it will inaugurate the biosphere's transition to the noosphere: the telepathically unified human species in symbiotic union with the biosphere.

Welcome to the whole systems approach of the Invisible College! You have entered the time stream of higher knowledge.

- The Red Time Cell is the place of input.
- The White Time Cell is the store, the place of remembering
- The Blue Time Cell is the place of transformation
- The Yellow Time Cell is the place of ripening this power as culture
- Green Time Cell is the matrix of the Invisible College, the Home School

Escrito por calamar a las 11 de Septiembre 2004 a las 02:24 PM

los vientos del norte le saludan...
hasta alguna madrugada.

Escrito por amarth a las 13 de Septiembre 2004 a las 03:46 AM
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